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AdminChat 0.1.1

Provide you and your staff an easy and quick way to communicate across servers.

  1. boboman13
    The one and only plugin to give admin chat.


    Command: /admin [msg]
    Permission: adminchat.use
    Aliases: /ac, /adminchat
    What it does

    AdminChat is a fork of another one of my plugins, LilyShout. It provides slight changes to allow the conversation of staff across all your servers so that they can respond faster and get support faster.
    1) Download the .zip and then unzip it.
    2) Drop the .jar into the /plugins folder of every single server you wish to be able to /ac from and recieve /ac from.
    3) Configure the config.yml to your every need
    4) Reload the server (or plugin) and enjoy!
    Testing Server
    You can test out the plugin at my server,
    I've got a problem/question!
    Great! Just create a conversation with me on these forums and tell me all about it. You can also ask for new features in this fashion.