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BetterSigns 1.1

Teleport players using signs with amazing formats and more!

  1. Vislo
    Well i was looking for something to do, so i create this amazing plugin!
    This plugin allows people to connect by clicking the sign and you can actually modify the format plus use the new event system of the amazing Lilypad!
    I will try to keep it updated and with new features coming out.
    Any suggestions are accepted

    1) Download BetterSigns and put it on all your servers.
    2) Create a sign and look at it then use the command /bettersigns create username <--- Is the username of the server you want!
    3) Now wait the sign is created but needs an update leave it like that with few seconds

    Code (text):
      - "%username%"
      - "%status%"
      - "&c%onusers%/%maxusers%"
      - "%motd%"
      Online: "&aOnline"
      Offline: "&cOffline"
      Full: "&6Full"
    delayPing: 20
    Format is the actual format of the sign, every line represents a line in the sign. and every %word% is going to be replaced.
    %username% will be replace with the lilypad username
    %status% will show up the status
    %onusers% online users.
    %maxusers% maximun users.
    %motd% the motd.
    Feel free to delete, change and play with the format (Support Color Coders like "&c")!

    The Status is what is going to appear in the %status% when server is online / offline or full

    The delayPing is how much time (In ticks [20 ticks = 1 second]) the server will send a information of the update.

    To destroy a sign just remove it with the hand, worldedit, breaking the block, burning the sign whatever you want to try works :)

    Source: https://github.com/Vislo/BetterSigns

    Servers Using The Plugin:
    • play.planetbeacon.com
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Recent Reviews

  1. Matt
    Version: 1.1
    Awesome idea!