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BoltLogin 1.0

Strikes lightning when a player joins your server

  1. dintendocoltd
    Please use the discussion for support or questions.


    Ever wanted a fun alert whenever one of your staff members or donors join the server? Then BoltLogin is for you!

    What is BoltLogin? / Plugin overview
    BoltLogin is a simple plugin that strikes down lightning from the heavens whenever a player (with the correct permission group) joins your server.

    Lightning strikes / How to
    In order to have the lightning strike a certain player, the player needs to be OP (Operator) or have the permission in the correct permission group.

    BoltLogin.notify - Enables the plugin to strike the player upon joining the server.

    FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: Will the player receive damage when the lightning strikes them upon joining the server? A: No, It is configured so that the player receives a potion effect called 'Fire Resistance' to stop the effects of the lightning.

    Q: How long does the potion effect last for? A: The effect will only last for 2 seconds.

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