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Bukkit-CompatBungee b3

Bungee has some good plugins.

  1. Coelho
    This plugin allows all Bungee Bukkit plugins to run on LilyPad.

    What you need to know:
    1. Bungee Proxy plugins are completely incompatible. If you are using a Bungee Bukkit plugin that requires a proxy plugin, it will not work.
    2. Certain Bungee API calls will only work if this plugin is installed on all servers within the network, such as "GetServers," "GetServer," etc.
    3. LilyPad plugins will perform far better than plugins ran by BungeeCompat. If you are given the option, we recommend you do not use this plugin and instead port the plugin you wish to use to the Connect API.
    Hi there Janus!


Recent Reviews

  1. xXCalleManXx
    Version: b3
    Its a Awesome idea! becuas Bungee have so many nice plugins!:D
  2. Matt
    Version: b1
  3. The_Zip
    Version: b1
    Love it, and works great!!
  4. sgtcaze
    Version: b1
    This is such a great idea :)