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Leap Avicus 1.7.7

The Leap Plugin as Seen on Avicus

  1. funkystudios
    Jump to the sky, with this Avicus Bukkit plugin for double jumping! This plugin originally was developed for my server (avic.us). It used to work only on my server, and it wouldn't work with any other server w/out the Avicus library. After a while, I thought about removing the Avicus library from the plugin, and giving it the compatibility to work with the Bukkit API again. This plugin will supposedly work with Bukkit of course, Spigot, and perhaps Lilypad.

    Your probably wondering, "How do you double jump?" Easy, execute the space bar twice to initiate a double jump. There are no commands, yet there are permissions in which you can add a trail for when you jump.

    Trails can be given to players with the permission: "leap.trail.NAME"

    Possible Trails:

    • Cloud
    • Critical
    • Ember
    • Ender
    • Explosion
    • Fire
    • Heart
    • Portal
    • Rainbow
    • Runes
    • Slime
    • Snow
    • Void