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dylan Gellis

LillySigns [Fork] 2013-07-30

A lillysigns fork that adds server-tp functionality

  1. dylan Gellis
    This may seem odd... but because LillySigns doesn't have any form of Github (since I last checked) I decided, hey what the heck!

    This fork just simply (for now) allows for people to connect by right-clicking the sign. I will try to keep this plugin updated with any features/suggestions you all have, and if everyone hates it and just wants the dev to add this in, by all means do so.

    (copied from original dexcript:)


    1) Download LilySigns, and place it on all of your servers.
    2) Create a sign with [LilySign] as the first line. The other 3 lines can be whatever you want. %on will be replaced with the # of players online. %max will be replaced with the max amount of players, and %motd will be replaced with the MOTD.
    3) Time to link the LilySign with a server! Say /lilysign setuser [The username of the server you want to link it with] !
    4) The lilysign should start updating soon! The First line will be changed to the name of the target server in its server.properties. The other 3 lines will stay the same except the variables will be replaced.
    there you go huns.
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  1. v 1.1 - Fixed bug!

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  1. Snoowy_
    Version: 2013-07-30
  2. blobber0070hj
    Version: 2013-07-30
    Perfect, just what i needed :)