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Amir Omidi

LilyBook 2.1.0 - Penguin

A plugin with lilypad in mind.

  1. Amir Omidi

    A big thanks to these people for donating and supporting the development of the plugin!

    CraftShark - play.craftshark.net
    - mc.cowcraft.net

    Thanks to these people for reviewing the code and helping me find the bugs!

    @L33m4n123 - Reviewing the code.
    @DarkSeraphim - Reviewing the code.
    @edyyy - Testing the plugin. - mc.cowcraft.net
    @roastnewt - Testing the plugin. - minepure.com
    @shawshark - Testing the plugin. - play.craftshark.net
    @Wobbolino1 - Creating the beautiful logo! - mc.cowcraft.net

    • /adminchat - Toggles the adminchat to active.
    • /adminchat [message] - Sends a message to the admin channel.
    • /alert - Sends a message to one/all servers. To specify a server use -s (servername) - Version 2.0
    • /dispatch - Dispatches a command to one/all servers. To specify a server use -s (servername).
    • /find [playerName] - Looks for a player on the network, the name can be partially correct and it will still find the player.
    • /glist - Shows the global list of the server.
    • /message - Sends a network wide message.
    • /reply - Replies to a message sent to you.
    • /sendall [serverName] - Sends all players to the specified server.
    • /send [playerName] [serverName] - Sends the player to the specified server.
    • /server [serverName] - Shows the server the player can connect to and teleports him there.
    • /glist will not show vanished players (Essentials).
    • /message will not send a message to a player if that player has ignored the sender (Essentials).
    • Teleports players to a specified server when the server is shutting down or reloading.
    • Configurable plugin messages. Version 2.0
    • lilybook.adminchat - Allows the use of /adminchat & users with this permission string will receive messages from the staff chat.
    • lilybook.dispatch - Allows the use of /dispatch. Becareful, people with this permission can op themselves.
    • lilybook.find - Allows the use of /find.
    • lilybook.glist - Allows the use of /glist.
    • lilybook.message - Allows the use of /message and /reply
    • lilybook.sendall - Allows the use of /sendall.
    • lilybook.send - Allows the use of /send.
    • lilybook.server - Allows the use of /server.
    • lilybook.notify - People with this permission will be notified when someone does /dispatch and/or when a staff joins/leaves.
    • lilybook.stafflist - People with this permission will be considered staff in /glist and will send join/leave notifications.
    • lilybook.socialspy - People with this permission will be able to read the messages sent in /msg.

    The configuration is very straight forward.Please read the comments in LilyBook's default config.yml.


    Do you feel generous and want to support the development of this plugin?

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    Version: 1.0-Fox
    11/10 - Combines two useful plugins together.
  2. Edy
    Version: 1.0-Fox
    All of features work great!
  3. Shawshark
    Version: 1.0-Fox
    Great plugin! Really loving the features it already has!