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LilyChat 1.1

ChatManager plugin with support prefixes and suffixes for LilyPad

  1. Jeremy
    ChatManager offers basic chat customization such as chat colours and prefixes/suffixes.
    Plugin requires PEX (PermissionsEx): http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/permissionsex/.

    Default config:
    Code (text):
    enable: false
    message-format: '[%prefix&f] %suffix%player&f: %message'
    global-message-format: '[&6Global&f][%prefix&f] %suffix%player&f: &6%message'
    world-message-format: '[&aWorld&f][%prefix&f] %suffix%player&f: &a%message'
    ranged-mode: false
    chat-range: 100.0
    server-name: ''
    ChatManager is disabled by default!
    To enable ChatManager after it is installed, you will need to edit the default config.yml in the ChatManager directory and set enable to true.

    Configuration properties:
    • message-format: Default message format.
    • global-message-format: Message format for Cross server messages.
    • world-message-format: Message format for Global server messages.
    • ranged-mode: Enables Ranged Mode, a special mode in which chat messages have limited range.
    • chat-range: Amount of blocks in which a chat message can be heard. Only used if ranged mode is enabled.
    • server-name: Used for placeholder %server. Can be blank.

    • chatmanager.chat.global: Permission to send cross server messages.
    • chatmanager.chat.world: Permission to send global messages when ranged mode enabled.
    • chatmanager.chat.color: Permission to use color codes in chat message.
    • chatmanager.chat.magic: Permission to use the 'magic' &k color code in chat message.
    • chatmanager.chat.bold: Permission to use the &l color code to embolden text.
    • chatmanager.chat.strikethrough: Permission to use the &m color code to strikethrough text.
    • chatmanager.chat.underline: Permission to use the &n color code to underline text.
    • chatmanager.chat.italic: Permission to use the &o color code to italicize text.
    • chatmanager.override.ranged: Permission to override/ignore the ranged chat setting. If this is not explicitly disabled for groups that have * permissions, all chat messages will be sent globally (But will not be coloured as such).
    • chatmanager.override.global: Permission enables cross server messages by default for a player. All chat messages will be sent cross server (But will use the default message-format). If you have all permissions (*), then this function will be enabled by default.

    How to disable permission:
    If you want to disable some permission for example chatmanager.override.ranged or chatmanager.override.global you need simple add permission with minus before permisson.

    Example: -chatmanager.override.global

    How to use:
    • Message which starts with ! will send message cross the servers.
    • Message which stats with @ will send global message when ranged mode enabled.

    Message Format Placeholders:
    These are the placeholders/server variables that PEX supports and assumes are available. If another plugin offers others, such as essentials nickname function (%displayname), they can be added to the config file.
    • %message: Message text
    • %player: Sender name
    • %prefix: Sender prefix
    • %suffix: Sender suffix
    • %world: World the sender is in.
    • %server: Server the sender is in. If propertie "server-name" is empty, then username of the server will be used.

    Time placeholders:
    • %H: 24-hour format of an hour with leading zeros: 00-23
    • %i: Minutes with leading zeros: 00-59
    • %h: 12-hour format of an hour with leading zeros: 01-12
    • %s: Seconds, with leading zeros: 00-59
    • %G: 24-hour format of an hour without leading zeros: 0-23
    • %a: Lowercase Ante meridiem and Post meridiem: am or pm
    • %g: 12-hour format of an hour without leading zeros: 1-12
    • %A: Uppercase Ante meridiem and Post meridiem: AM or PM

    It is not my plugin. Original sources and description I have taken from here: https://github.com/PEXPlugins/ChatManager. Also for more information how to configure this plugin you can visit this link.

    What did I do? I got the plugin to work through the LilyPad and nothing more.
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