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LilyEssentials 1.2

~ Essential Commands and Features for LilyPad!

  1. Download Link -- Bug Fixes

    Download Link -- Bug Fixes
  2. Bugs Fixed! Working!

    All bugs are fixed, and it loads now.
  3. Hide and Bug Fixes

    Big thanks to @Tzeentchful for working out a ton of loose ends, and adding the /hide command. And huge thanks @Matt for help me with Jenkins, or "ZipKins".

    Things Added
    Hide Command - /hide - Hides you from Messages and Server. Permission (lilyessentials.admin.hide)
  4. ~Cleaned everything up, made it compatible, made it have The_Zip's Twist.

    This is the final update of Lily Essentials. I have changed up the code a little, cleaned it up, and made it more friendly, for me. I am nowhere as good as a coder as Bobo was, but this should be similar to what he did. If you want the source files to edit it, or maintain it, message me.