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LilyHubKick 0.4

Simple HubKick plugin for LilyPad

  1. Updated link

    Updated Link
  2. New download link!

    LilyHubKick is back available! You can download the resource from the Jenkins link.

    * Jenkins (Zipkins) by @The_Zip
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  3. Added Whitelist support!

    LilyHubKick v0.4

    HubKick will now send players back to the hub if they are not whitelisted instead of kicking them!
  4. AllToHub Command, and Kick Message displayed

    Added a command to move all players to the hub

    Code (text):
    /alltohub  -  lilyhubkick.alltohub
    Also added displaying of kick message to the kicked player.
  5. Fixed DL link

    Download link was broken. Moved to DropBox