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LilyPadCompass 4.0.9

Easily move between servers with any item! (Gui Menu)

  1. The update that changed LilyPadCompass forever

    It's been a while since I properly updated LilyPadCompass. I take personal pride in this update because I never gave up on LilyPadCompass, nor did I ever ignore suggestions. I felt bad because LilyPadCompass deserved an update, but I was originally very, very new to development.

    With that being said, LilyPadCompass v4.0 has been uploaded. What's different?

    Important Changes:
    Your old config files will NOT work. Please delete them and allow the plugin to generate a new one for you....
  2. v3.0 - v3.5 - Cleanup, fixed startup errors

    Rewrite to come ;)
  3. 2.4 -> 3.0 Set version, should fix console errors

    This update sets the version of LilyPadCompass to 3.0. Also, it addresses a console error that has been reported.

    Added a null check to fix the null pointer exception stack trace.
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  4. 2.3 -> 2.4 Automatically denies inventory movement in compass inventory. MUST UPDATE!

    This is a big help to your server! DO it!

    Download and rate please. Also reset your config (copy your items over!)
  5. New features added!!

    2.2 -> 2.3 (RECOMMENDED) Option to allow Compass lore or Item lore. Before if you left the line blank, there was a graphical glitch which was just an empty space. Sorry it took a while, it was very simple code, I just never got around to it!
  6. LilyPadCompass Hot Fix 2.2

    2.1 -> 2.2 The compass was not configurable to be any other item but a compass. Fixed by setting Material.matchMaterial. Thanks for reporting @Devin Curry
  7. LilyPadCompass v2.1

    2.0a -> 2.1 Cleaned up tons of useless code, dropped support for admin.yml (who needs it?), implemented new config method so the config properly saves on first load, recreated the project and formatted code
  8. Updated new download link (migrating my Jenkins)

    2.0 -> 2.0a Hiya! This is just to update the download link while I migrate my Jenkins build server to my new dedicated machine. The old link is invalid.
  9. LilyPadCompass

    1.2 -> 2.0 Added custom lore & item name support (sorry it took a while)
  10. LilyPadCompass update 1.2

    1.1 -> 1.2 Compiled for craftbukkit 1.6.1, version mismatch fix