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LilyRedirect 1.1

Redirects a player to the "Limbo" server when the hub/lobby server is full

  1. Matt

    by matthijs110 and sgtcaze
    This plugin redirects a connecting player to a custom server when the hub/lobby server is full. This is also happening on the Hypixel Server.

    How to use it
    This plugin is easy to use. There is a config added in the folder. You will see there the example name "Limbo". The Hypixel server is using that name for the redirect server. You can put there any server username as you want. As long it matches the LilyPad proxy and connect config username.

    You need to make the redirect server by yourself. Just like as a normal bukkit server.

    Required plugins
    • lilyredirect
    • Or player has to be OP

    A big thanks to @sgtcaze who helped me!

    Please report issues on the discussion part of this plugin.
    Feel free to ask thing about this plugin or give suggestions ;)
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Recent Updates

  1. Plugin info update
  2. Update to 1.7.2

Recent Reviews

  1. sgtcaze
    Version: 1.0
    Glad I could help :) I love this!
    1. Matt
      Author's Response
      Thanks! :D