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LilyRestarter 1.4

Stop your server without having your players fully disconnect, Have them get sent to a set server!

  1. Shawshark
    As of version 1.4 you don't need LilyPad-PortalCommand as this plugin now uses the LilyPadAPI. Also as of 1.4 all users should get send to the server that you set in the config like so below:
    Code (text):
    redirectserver: hub

    This plugin will send your players to a set server in the config when the server is shutting down or when you execute a command, If you run LilyEssentials or DeadFrog you can have messages sent to all servers when the server comes online or goes offline. Simply leave it blank if you don't want to enable that.

    For now you will need to have LilyPad-PortalCommand installed if you want the players to not be disconnected! (No need for this in version 1.4 :) )

    Note: Soon ill be changing it so you don't need LilyPad-PortalCommand. (This is done in version 1.4 :) )
    - A command to send everyone to a set server.
    - Send out a alert to all servers when the server comes back online or when it goes offline.
    - When the server goes offline or you shut down the server with /stop it will send all players to the set server in the config.

    - A command to send all players to a server and NOT restart the server (Done this in Version 1.1)
    - Do not send the user that performed that command to the target server and don't shut down the server. (Done this in Version 1.1)

    - /stop (Not a command of this plugin) but it will send all online users to the target server.
    - /restartserver (Note this will not fully restart your server it will only shut it down and send all users to the target server, For it to restart create a script for it)
    - /sendallplayers - This command will send all players to the target server set in the config, It will send the user that performed it but if you have lilyessentials or deadfrog it should send you back to the server you were on.
    - /redirectall - This command will redirect all users online to the set server in your config!

    lilyrestarter.admin - Gives you all commands.

    lilyrestarter.restart - Gives you access to use /restartserver (Default to op)
    lilyrestarter.sendallplayers - Allows you to use /sendallplayers (Default to op)
    lilyrestarter.redirectall - Allows you to use /redirectall (Default to op)

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