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Server Status Signs 1.1

Provides a sign display of the status of a server on your network

  1. purefocus
    Because I've seen a quite a few people say they wanted a cross-server status signs plugin, I thought that I'd just post the one that I wrote and have been using. It's nothing too special, but it works for what it's meant for.


    Features include:
    • Can click the sign to go to the server
    • Shows as offline if no message is received for too long
    • 1.5 second cool down between clicks to prevent players from spam joining a server.

    Usage: Needs to be on ALL Servers
    Simply look at the sign you want to use and use
    /setstatus <name>

    Please not that the configuration is included in the .rar along with the plugin, you need to add both files as it won't auto-generate the configuration.

    You can find the source code at this link

    Code (yaml):

    #Send updates to these servers (include hub if it's not on the hub)
    : []

    #How often to send (or expect) the sign updates (ticks)
    : 200

    #how long to wait for a response before marking as offline (ticks)
    : 100

    #does this server have signs to be updated? (usually just the hub)
    : true

    #Empty lines will be left alone
    # {motd} - MOTD
    # {max} - max players
    # {count} - player count
    # {status} - Shows "max/count" or "Offline"
     - '<> <> <> <> <>'
      - '{motd}'
      - '{status}'
      - '<> <> <> <> <>'
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Recent Updates

  1. Fixed the error.

Recent Reviews

  1. The_Zip
    Version: 1.0
    Does exactly what it says. Works great on my servers!