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The InterLilyFace 0.0.0

An easy API to provide LilyPad programmers with resources unavailable elsewhere.

  1. boboman13
    Notice: There is no download link yet!
    This is a WIP project that will include the following:

    • Easy one line send / receive server messages (for basic simplicity)
    • A way to list all online servers
    • An easy way to check which server a player is on, and how many players are on a server.
    • Command 'dispersal', or sending one command to execute on all servers
    • A way to simply LilyPad's undisclosed / undocumented features
    • Reply to the post to request features!
    Note: This is not intended as a replacement for the LilyPad API. It is intended to simplify and streamline the most complicated features, and in doing so it limits your freedom.

    I'm looking for help on this project!