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Usage Connecting your Bukkit servers

Discussion in 'Documentation' started by Coelho, Apr 20, 2013.

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  1. Coelho

    Coelho Software Engineer Staff Member Administrator Maintainer

    To make the development and usage of the LilyPad system easy as possible, one Billot plugin is required to be installed on each Bukkit server connected to LilyPad. This allows developers to more easily integrate their software with our diverse API, and thus allows us to have more optimized, diverse, and functional Bukkit plugins.

    You can download the latest build of the Bukkit Connect plugin by clicking here. Please note that this build may not be stable, and you may want to select from an archive of previous older builds by clicking here.

    You can quickly install the plugin by putting the Bukkit-Connect.jar in your plugins folder under your Bukkit server's directory. Restart the server to load the plugin and a configuration will be generated located at plugins/LilyPad-Connect/config.yml.

    Configuring it
    The configuration file is stored in plugins/LilyPad-Connect/config.yml and, as opposed to the servers being in JSON, this configuration is conveniently in YAML for consistency within the Bukkit platform.

    The default configuration is:
    Code (yaml):

    : 5091
    : example
    : example
    The address and port will have to be that of your Connect server (not your Proxy!) which is by default the same. The credentials are the username and password that will be assigned to this server, also stated in the connect.conf (or allinone.conf) of your Connect server. Each Bukkit server is required to have a unique username.

    All Done
    Your Bukkit server should be connected and ready to go.
    Code (text):
    [Connect] Connected to the cloud

    Have fun!
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