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funny error i was getting.. felt dumb haha

Discussion in 'Other' started by vampirictorch, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. vampirictorch

    vampirictorch New Member

    hello, I am from the spigot forums and well with this whole Microsoft thing going on, I decided to look into lillypad, so I was about to ask for support and glad i figured it out or I would of felt dumb haha.. in my proxy.yml I had hub1 and hub2 as a test, well the folders name is hub and hub2 and in the servers configs it was done correctly, and It took me nearly 3 hours looking over it over and over again not knowing what I did wrong to get unable to connect errors when trying to log in, and right when I was about to post on lilypad it dawned on me to remove the 1 from hub1 lol.. man that is what I get for not getting sleep last night, my wife and I was at a festival all day so when I got home couldn't sleep so been doing this all night..

    Thought i would post this to chuckle up your days as you log on to start your Sunday haha..

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