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GoLilyPad - Can't query server

Discussion in 'Support' started by Jeremy, Jul 18, 2014.

  1. Jeremy

    Jeremy New Member


    I have tried my vote-site to query server, but the don't see that this server is online. Also I have tried GameTracker - it don't work also.

    Next, I have tried this two scripts: https://github.com/xPaw/PHP-Minecraft-Query and https://github.com/FunnyItsElmo/PHP-Minecraft-Server-Status-Query, they support 1.7, but the also don't work with lilypad.

    I have trouble only with LilyPad server other work fine. I use last version of GoLilyPad.

    P.S. I guess that it query in this version is broken, it don't good when only 20% monitoring can get data from it (Like was said in one topic) and also it isn't correct, that if I try to add server in minecraft 1.5.2 (for example) it will show me that server is down. Please fix query system and make it like in usual server.
  2. TakeMeNL

    TakeMeNL Member Resource Contributor

  3. Jeremy

    Jeremy New Member

    Not a 100% fix, but it works with many monitoring scripts. Thank you!

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