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Hiring Minigames developer that knows Lilypad API

Discussion in 'Job Recruitment' started by Hallowhead1, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. Hallowhead1

    Hallowhead1 New Member

    Well hello!

    I am having trouble locating developers that know lilypad to make the hub server for the minigames that i want to make so i am at a stand still i have all these ideas yet no one to create them! These projects are not huge, but medium sized. They are not the 500 dollar minigames, yet just small maximum 5 minute games, so nothing over $150 i would imagine. I am pretty flexible with prices, but i know the current prices so i know when someone is trying to overcharge me.

    Please respond/private-message/skype me the answer to these question on the application! skype = typicalcraft
    1. You MUST MUST have a portfolio of projects whether they be minigames or not! They can't be simple plugins, such as disabling tnt from exploding which you can find tutorials all over youtube. They must be multi featured plugins, that have tons of functionality.
    2. How much free time do you have? I don't like waiting months to receive work i need you to be able to work with deadlines. Must have time on your hands, as well as commitment to Finnish once you have started.
    3. Are you capable working with developers of the same network? This does not mean you will be working simultaneously on one project, but possibly offering assistance to others or accepting assistance.
    4. Active on Skype!
    5. Ability to post project and push regularly to gitlab so we can see progress as well as offer help
    6. PayPal account: necessary for getting paid

    Like i stated above you can pm me the answer skype me the answer or just post here up to you!

    looking forward to working with new people!

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