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Hiring plugin developer for LilyPad API and Bukkit API

Discussion in 'Job Recruitment' started by Shawshark, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. Shawshark

    Shawshark Active Member Resource Contributor

    I am looking to hire 1 or more developers for my server, I have a few ideas that would like to be put together. This is a paid job each week via paypal.

    - Must know there way around bother lilypad and bukkit API
    - Skype
    - Dropbox
    - Would be handy if you knew mysql
    - Paypal account (or we can work something out)
    - At least 1 year in java development.

    1. Proof of previous plugins a bukkitdev link would be good.
    2. Because of school do you have time after and or weekends ?
    3. How many years have you been coding in java and or other coding languages?
    4. Are you able to get along and work well with other developers if you were all put on the one job ?

    If you are interested don't hesitate to post your application below remember this is a each week paid job. If you are accepted we can come to a agreement of a payment before you start working.
  2. boboman13

    boboman13 Member Contributor

    Since I doubt you'll get any LilyPad developers :p, I'll just throw an application in for that.

    1) I have some on the LilyPad site, but here is my BDev page: page
    2) I don't have a ton of time, but since most LilyPad plugins are simple I should have enough time on the weekends.
    3) Programming in Java for about 2 1/2 years, learned PHP/HTML lately.
    4) I don't normally work alongside developers on one small project, but if it's large enough than I can work together with others.

    I know MySQL, have Skype (bobo.man13), I can get a dropbox, I have a paypal account, and yes I do have 1+ years in Java development.

    I would prefer payment per project, but if the pay is good enough per week I'll take it.
  3. Shawshark

    Shawshark Active Member Resource Contributor

    I'll add you on Skype as soon as I can, I am happy enough to pay for each plugin as well.
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  4. ThePigDevs

    ThePigDevs New Member

    Name: Devin Heit
    Age: 10(I know it's young but i work with 13-14 Yr Olds)
    Java Experience: 2.5 years, 1 with bukkit.
    Skype: ThePigDevs
    Previous plugins: I dont put plugins online
    LilyPad: Do not know LilyPad API
    Bukkit: Know Bukkit API
    Job: Developer at ThePigDevs
    Time: 5-6 Hrs A Day.
    Paypal: I have it
    Dropbox: Yes
    Skype: ThePigDevs
    MySQL: A little bit
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  5. Amir Omidi

    Amir Omidi Member

    You're probably the youngest dev I've met.
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