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Hiring - Private development for newly releasing Mini-Game network

Discussion in 'Job Recruitment' started by luke199, Mar 12, 2014.

  1. luke199

    luke199 New Member

    About the project
    We are looking to hire new developers for a mini-game server network that has been in development for just over a year. The project offers a unique opportunity to prospective developers as we hope to be publicly beta-testing within a few weeks. After 6 months, we are no longer merely an idea. We have been able to almost fully realize all of our early visions at this point in time. However, in anticipation of our first public beta release and hopes for a successful future, we are looking to recruit new developers.

    Our management team
    Luke199: Owner and Founder of the Mini-Game network,
    QLB1111: Co Owner of the network,
    Tigerchamp34: Manager of the network overseeing operations and managing the community it builds,
    Sam0902: Head Administrator, Watches over staff and the network performance,

    Who we're looking for
    We are looking to find Java developers who are eager to utilize their talents to help us create a competitive server network. We adore those who not only offer exceptional computing skills, but those who also express motivation and creativity.

    Ideal skills & experience
    • 4+ Month(s) Java Experience
    • Exceptional knowledge of Bukkit API
    • Familiarity with MySQL, Maven, and / or Git (Not required but a bonus)
    • Familiarity working with LilyPad and cross server communication
    Note: A Github or BitBucket account with open-source projects makes it easy to assess your skills. If you do not have any public projects
    What will you be doingAs a developer you will be building our network design and work base, This includes extensive MiniGames and basic features built for the network to use
    Contacting us
    You can contact us via any of the following methods of communication:
    Please include anything that shows your programming abilities. If you do not have a resume, please link us to open-source projects, a portfolio, or even a description of private work you have completed in the past.

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