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If you didn't know already... LilyPad is released.

Discussion in 'News' started by Coelho, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. Coelho

    Coelho Software Engineer Staff Member Administrator Maintainer

    Although I neglected to make a post for the release of LilyPad due to it already being used in production even so early as the date of this website's initial creation, I believe it is well overdue that I create one now.

    LilyPad has been released under the open source GPLv3 license. It is fully open source, free, and open to contribution by anyone who wishes.

    LilyPad is a software allowing you to seamlessly link multiple minecraft servers. Developers can take advantage of this functionality to create spectacular plugins using LilyPad's diverse API rendering the previously unrealistic realistic. Unlike other solutions of the type, LilyPad does this without sacrificing performance, stability, redundancy, or reliability, being the most crucial aspects of any minecraft server. With this, LilyPad makes everything cross server possible.

    Some of the largest servers are already running LilyPad today, and as such LilyPad has already been proven a reliable solution for server owners alike. There are over 10,000 players logged into LilyPad instances concurrently, whether they know it or not, and all of them receive fantastic performance and stability from the platform. There are even some select servers and servers in development that have decided to take advantage of the API, and have created marvelous creations that will certainly change minecraft as a whole.

    Performance and stability are both crucial aspects to LilyPad, accomplished by clean and comprehensible code, a clear project goal and structure, and the exclusion of needless bloat from the core. Our code entirely abides the Oracle Java programming conventions, and with that is instantly recognizable and usable by all developers. On top of this, the goal of LilyPad is for it to be a platform, and with that we exclude all extra functionality from the core. We do not modify your game play if you do not wish for it to be modified.

    Redundancy is achieved by our choice to release all-in-one and distributed versions of LilyPad out of the box. If you are a smaller server and you would like to get a start with a cloud, feel free to use all-in-one. If you are a massive giant and you get an extreme number of players, go for a distributed. It is your choice to decide how to run your software.

    Reliability, being the most important aspect of all, is accomplished by the clear devotion of developers and contributors alike all working towards the goal that LilyPad has set forth. Updates in regards for minecraft versions are almost always released on the day of the snapshot, and at the end of the day the last build is always stable. LilyPad is a project that you can rely on until the death of minecraft.

    Ease of Use
    It sounded too good to be easy, but it is. We have setup tutorials and even videos to guide you through the process, and with them you can set LilyPad up in as little as ten minutes. Everything is simple and comprehensible so once you have the basis down, you will have already mastered the software.

    We have built a fantastic API for developers to build off of, that has been documented and continues to be documented towards perfection. With the API's abstraction, it continues to grow in functionality, and will once upon a time harbor some of your wildest dreams.

    Our choice is that all plugins must use our API, and must be running on the minecraft server rather than the LilyPad core. We do not see the need to run on the core, and believe it destroys the entire cloud mentality as a whole. While it may be common belief that your method is required to be ran on the core server itself, there is almost always a way with our API.

    Although the publicly available plugins of LilyPad are slim, there is something for everyone and enough to get your server suited. Plugin developers are welcome and encouraged to post their plugins on the website while also open sourcing them so both server owners and developers can benefit from their work.

    Although it may not be as bouncing as it could be, we have a nice little community on this forum and help each other through all the issues we may have. You can feel free to post feature requests, general plugin requests, support requests, or anything alike and you can be sure it will not go unnoticed.

    Level Up Minecraft has done a wonderful job hosting the LilyPad website on it's ddos protected dedicated servers. With all the trouble we went through with fraudulent individuals pushing false DMCAs at us, Level Up Minecraft never stopped hosting us, and funded us the entire way from server to server. I believe they deserve the largest applause one can give.

    So give it a shot
    Try LilyPad and see how you like it. We have plenty of documentation, and there are plenty of individuals using and enjoying LilyPad today.
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  2. Squirzy

    Squirzy Amazing Person Administrator Sponsor

    Glad to finally see a remarkable and outstanding cloud software released for free. It has sure done some amazing things for my server and I will continue to support it for as long as its available. Thanks again Coelho for all your hard work and can't wait to see what some people do with it!
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  3. Relicum

    Relicum New Member

    Well done Coelho a fantastic piece of work. To also release it as an open source project will only help the project to expand to bigger and better things. It finally gives a true alternative to Bungee. Not that I am saying anything negative against Bungee, but to have competition is health and will only help Minecraft Proxy software as a whole. I have been working for a bit on a complete Linux shell script write entirely in bash that eventually will allow you to manage a complete lillypad network, (it is designed to be used by Linux noobs to people with linux experience), from the initial setup and configuration to monitoring and adding additional servers and lillypad services, plus much more. I will create a separate thread detailing the script as it is getting to be very large.

    I would encourage all people developing LillyPad plugins, if possible to post them and to open source them as again this will help the community to grow.

    Thanks for Squirzy for host the website during though difficult times and thanks to all who have been involved in the development. Now lets see what the future brings.
  4. mohawkguy360

    mohawkguy360 New Member

    Lilypad is truly a fantastic alternative to Bungee. I can't wait to see what comes with this in the future!
  5. The_Zip

    The_Zip Active Member Resource Contributor

    Hmm, had no idea! Just switching over from Bungee, looking good so far!

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