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Introducing GoLilyPad

Discussion in 'News' started by Coelho, Dec 5, 2013.

  1. flamin_scotsman

    flamin_scotsman New Member

    Download Server-Standalone-Query and launch it with:
    Code (text):
    java -jar Server-Standalone-Query.jar
    This will generate the default config file for the query server. Open up the query.conf and change the credentials in the connect section to an unused username/password pair from your connect server.

    The query server is now configured and can be run in the same manner as previously to respond to incoming queries. I would recommend running it in screen/tmux/supervisord to allow the process to continue when you close your shell.
  2. juanez

    juanez New Member

    Sorry, but i'm not to able to run this,

    I downloaded the "Server-Standalone-Query" to the same machine of the Proxy (I use Golilypad whith Proxy and connect), i created the user and password un the connect config and put in this config file and i run whith:

    screen -s query java -jar Server-Standalone-Query.jar

    I says "Address already in use" and finally the console closes.
  3. B1ruk

    B1ruk New Member

    MultiCraft !!!!

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