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LilyAlert 1.2

Cross server broadcast

  1. confuser

    confuser Member Resource Contributor

    confuser submitted a new resource:

    LilyAlert - Cross server broadcast

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  2. Malo

    Malo New Member

    Should add the ability to use color codes.
  3. cuddylier

    cuddylier New Member

    This doesn't seem to work on some of my servers for some reason, it says it's enabled in the logs but /alert shows nothing or on some servers says 'unknown command.'.
  4. Yamatsan

    Yamatsan New Member

    @confuser In order for this to work do I need to put the LilyAlert.jar in every server?
  5. Shawshark

    Shawshark Active Member Resource Contributor

    i know you were asking @confuser but ill answer that question for you, @Yamatsan yes for this to work you need this in all servers you want the alert to go to.
  6. confuser

    confuser Member Resource Contributor

    Yes you need the plugin on every server.

    I'll release an update some time this week and add BarAPI support.
  7. confuser

    confuser Member Resource Contributor

  8. Superfuzzy

    Superfuzzy Member

    Hello confuser,

    I just looked up your source code and to me it seems like I found a bug:

    In line 49 of LilyAlert.java you send the messages over the channel: "alert"

    But in line 19 of AlertEvents.java you check for messages coming in over the channel "fcAlert"

    So the logical consequence should be that no messages are arriving.

    I haven't used the plugin myself so everything might be ok, but to me this seems a little odd...

    Hope I could help
    - superfuzzy
  9. Alex Chmil

    Alex Chmil Member

    confuser was last seen:
    Jan 22, 2015

    He hasn't been on in a while, I will try and get a few of these broken plugins fixed and re-upload them. Currently waiting to see if Coelho will grant me permission to do so

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