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LilyPad for Minecraft 1.7 / 1.8 Released

Discussion in 'Updates' started by Coelho, Sep 2, 2014.

  1. Coelho

    Coelho Software Engineer Staff Member Administrator Maintainer

    You can find the GoLilyPad builds to update to 1.8 on our Jenkins. To update to these builds, you will need to update the following projects:
    • Bukkit-Connect (#80)
    • Go-Server-Connect (#40)
    • Go-Server-Proxy (#97)
    This build is compatible with both the 1.7 and the 1.8 protocol.

    All functionality should work 100%. Please report bugs in the Bug Reports forum.
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  2. TitanicFreak

    TitanicFreak New Member

    First! and amazing job Coelho!
  3. Yive

    Yive New Member

  4. Edy

    Edy New Member

    Luv u <3
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  5. joseandrei

    joseandrei New Member

    Why do I get "1.8 pre-3" on my server list D:
  6. Coelho

    Coelho Software Engineer Staff Member Administrator Maintainer

    The builds listed in the OP are the prerelease builds. If you'd like the full release, use the latest version.
  7. joseandrei

    joseandrei New Member

    Thank you for your help :D
  8. e_n_d_b_o_s_s

    e_n_d_b_o_s_s New Member

    I get an error when using spigot_1.7.10, will I need to use bukkit?
  9. The_Zip

    The_Zip Active Member Resource Contributor

    What error? No, running the latest version of Spigot should do the trick. And currently you can't even download craftbukkit so it doesn't matter.
  10. e_n_d_b_o_s_s

    e_n_d_b_o_s_s New Member

    I have backup's of craftbukkit from 1.2 - 1.7.9, would that help? also I will try to re-create it, I forgot to copy the error.
  11. The_Zip

    The_Zip Active Member Resource Contributor

    I don't think you quite got the point, Spigot will work with LilyPad. Try to re-create the error, and give as much information as possible on it, how/when did it occur.
  12. e_n_d_b_o_s_s

    e_n_d_b_o_s_s New Member

    Sorry for not responding, I was able to get it to work smooth as butter, however, this begs the question. Does Coelho Plan To Add Sponge Support Once The Sponge Api Is Out?
  13. The_Zip

    The_Zip Active Member Resource Contributor

    If sponge is going to be as great and as popular as it foreshadows there is no doubt that someone from the community will have a compatible version for Spout.
  14. e_n_d_b_o_s_s

    e_n_d_b_o_s_s New Member

  15. Superfuzzy

    Superfuzzy Member

    But what you should put under consideration is that if sponge get as popular,it would give lilypad a major boost because it will be the only connector system available :)
    So as soon as sponge gains on ppopularity lilypad should consider supporting it (i know its a lot of work but i think it'll be worth it).

    This is my opinion :)
  16. e_n_d_b_o_s_s

    e_n_d_b_o_s_s New Member

    We'll see the direction md_5 take's, he has not given up on spigot so no one really know's, I am looking foward to LP Supporting Sponge. :)
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2014
  17. LewisPotato

    LewisPotato New Member

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