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New to LilyPad

Discussion in 'Other' started by Amal_The_Mc_God, Dec 25, 2014.

  1. Amal_The_Mc_God

    Amal_The_Mc_God New Member

    Hey everyone,
    I am new to this community and LilyPad so I will introduce my self. I am the owner of http://islandcraft.info/. Due to recent problems with bungeecord, I decided to try LilyPad, so far it's awesome and using way less system resources than bungee.
    I would appreciate if anyone can checkout my setup and tell me what need to be fixed or added,
    IP: Play.IslandCraft.Info
  2. ZombieGames

    ZombieGames New Member

    What kind of help are you requiring specifically? Just to look at your config files?
  3. Amal_The_Mc_God

    Amal_The_Mc_God New Member

    Do you know any ways that I can get a global tab list like bungee do?
  4. ZombieGames

    ZombieGames New Member

    Its not currently implemented I am afraid.
  5. The_Zip

    The_Zip Active Member Resource Contributor

    Welcome to the community, and I would like to give you kudos on your forums setup! I have never seen that theme before, its nice to see something new rather than the themes that almost every XenForo minecraft server website uses.
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