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Not Getting Proper UUIDs

Discussion in 'Support' started by FatherSouth, Apr 11, 2014.

  1. FatherSouth

    FatherSouth New Member


    I'm trying to set up a lilypad network, and I'm running into this issue. Players who join through the proxy do not have their "real" UUIDs.

    I am using Go-Server-Connect Build #32, Go-Server-Proxy Build #73, Spigot build #1387, and Bukkit-Connect Build #61.

    I have "online-mode: true" in my Spigot server's server.properties, I have "authenticate: true" in my Lilypad Proxy's proxy.yml.

    When I join through the proxy, I connect to the server with the UUID 92d59cd5b6dc331b9aed0c676c63607d. I think this is just a hash of my username.

    When I remove Bukkit-Connect.jar and connect directly to the online-mode Spigot Server, my UUID is fa748548f1ac4a91924890da898fb00d. This is my real UUID.

    Do I have something misconfigured? How can I fix this? I am going to need to be able to get people's UUIDs as we transition to 1.8
  2. Tzeentchful

    Tzeentchful Member Contributor

    I have just tested this with the exact same setup as you described. And it gave me the correct UUID each time. The only time it gave me something different was when i put the serve in offline mode. Another thing i noticed was that when you join the console would print the fake uuid before Lilypad could forward the player's real UUID. This however doesn't affect plugins in any way. I did a few simple tests and the correct UUID is set before any plugin is able to get the fake one.

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