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Invalid Players randomly cant ping/connect to proxy

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Alex Markey, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. Alex Markey

    Alex Markey New Member

    Hey all,
    Have just purchased a machine from Secured Servers and set up lilypad on it, linking together 16 servers (15 minigames & hub) to the allinone. Everything works fine, however randomly players will not be able to ping the server, nor connect to it. After a few minutes, it seems that few people can now ping it, but not all of the players. As more time progresses, eventually all players will be able to connect again, but the process then repeats. i attempted to change connection throttle to 1, however still no luck.


    Code (text):
      "proxy": {
        "bind": {
          "address": "",
          "port": 25565
        "outbound": {
          "address": ""
        "servers": [
            "domain": "*",
            "server": "hubbyserver"
        "motd": "\u0026c\u0026l\u0026m-\u00266\u0026l\u0026m-\u0026e\u0026l\u0026m-\u0026b\u0026l\u0026m-\u003c\u0026r \u00263\u0026lMC-CENTRAL\u0026r \u0026b\u0026l\u0026m\u003e-\u0026e\u0026l\u0026m-\u00266\u0026l\u0026m-\u0026c\u0026l\u0026m-",
        "playerMaximum": 5000,
        "authenticate": true,
        "throttle": 1,
        "tabEnabled": true,
        "localeFull": "You seem to be already logged in",
        "localeOffline": "The requested server is currently offline. Try again later!",
        "localeLoggedIn": "You have logged in from another location",
        "localeLostConn": "Lost connection... Please try to reconnect",
        "localeShutdown": "The server is being restarted. Please try to reconnect"
      "queryTcp": {
        "bind": {
          "address": "",
          "port": 5555
      "queryUdp": {
        "bind": {
          "address": "",
          "port": 25565
      "connect": {
        "bind": {
          "address": "",
          "port": 5091
        "logins": [REMOVED LOGINS FOR PRIVACY]
    USING bukkit-connect #36
    USING allinone.jar #80
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 3, 2013
  2. Matt

    Matt Forum Moderator & Contributor Staff Member Moderator Contributor

    Where is the server hosted? And where do the people who are trying to connect live? The ping could be to weak.
  3. Alex Markey

    Alex Markey New Member

    server is hosted in Phoenix, and the people trying to connect seem to be all of our playerbase, so me for example in Australia (~450ms ping)
  4. Coelho

    Coelho Software Engineer Staff Member Administrator Maintainer

    There could be a peering error with your server.

    Can anyone at all connect?
  5. hamzaxx

    hamzaxx Member

    try changing the address to the external ip address of the machine the lilypad is hosted on.
  6. Coelho

    Coelho Software Engineer Staff Member Administrator Maintainer

    Haven't received a reply in awhile so I'll assume this isn't a bug :)
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  7. resetter

    resetter New Member

    Still you are getting ping test problem? If so, i would suggest you to uninstall your ping server and follow the instructions to re-install ping :
    1. Download a version (Latest version is recommended)
    2. Install PingTest.jar to your plugins folder
    3. Run server
    After completing this task, you can test your ping by using the following command :

    /testping - Tests your ping/connection!

    If your ping connection is succeeded, you can test it randomly without any interruption . If the same problem persists,
    then fault occurs game server. Follow the process to fix it :
    Reset the Modem ....
    Un plug the connections,then plugin.
    You can check the ping using the methods below before playing the game and while playing the game...sure you can find is the problem in connection or in the website.You can check the Ping of the Internet Connection easily...To check Local LAN Connection Ping by using the Following method
    GO to start->run->cmd->Ping ip-address
    or you need to check Ping for website from your computer means you can reach here Whoisxy.com and do the Ping test for yahoo,Google etc...

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