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Step By Step Port forward your server for LilyPad

Discussion in 'Documentation' started by Matt, Aug 11, 2013.

  1. Matt

    Matt Forum Moderator & Contributor Staff Member Moderator Contributor

    This is only for people who are hosting the server on the PC or there own dedicated server.

    If you are using LilyPad, you don't only have to port forward the port 25565. With LilyPad you have to port forward the port: 25565, 25566 and 5091. If you have more server, like SkyBlock, and its running on port 25568, then you have to port forward that port either.

    How to port forward

    To be able to port forward, you have to know the IP of your router. You can find this on windows by doing the following:

    1. Go to Start
    2. Find the command prompt and open it.
    3. Type the following command:
      Code (text):
    4. Find the default gateway:
    5. Browse to your gateway, login and then find the place where you can port forward.
    6. Now it asks you to fill in your IP and port. You can find your PC IP (what you need to fill in) by finding the line "IPv4 Address.[​IMG]
    7. Then add the port the to the IP. 25565.
    8. Repeat this is step for the 25566 and 5091 port.
    9. Then give your external IP to all you players. And you are done :)
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  2. boboman13

    boboman13 Member Contributor

    Are you sure you would have to port forward :25568 (skyblock)? As the connections all flow through the proxy (afaik) you shouldn't have to disable the ipconfig firewall on those ports. Doing so would just add an extra step, right? @Matt
  3. Matt

    Matt Forum Moderator & Contributor Staff Member Moderator Contributor

    Its just a example :p
  4. Superfuzzy

    Superfuzzy Member

    Can you explain what runs on what port please?

    Afaik, the proxy is on 25565 and the connect is on 5091
    And e.g. I run two servers and i have them on 25566 and 25567

    So I understand you would only have to forward the 25565 port, because all the data between the client and the proxy is flowing through 25565.
    And 5091 is the port over which the servers can communicate. So why would you have to open that port? (As the communication is inside the network..)
    And since the Proxy is handling the Players, why would you have to open the server ports? (Ashe communication is inside the network too)

    Did I understand sth wrong?
    Please can somebody explain more to the detail :)

    PS: I'm new to all this port stuff :D
  5. The_Zip

    The_Zip Active Member Resource Contributor

    The proxy is the only thing that has to be an open port if you are running it off of the same IP. Just make sure everything is localhost:pORT rather than IP:pORT.

    Edit: Weird, :xP (without the x turned into the tongue face, replace it with :,P without the comma)
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  6. Superfuzzy

    Superfuzzy Member

    Thank you for the quick reply. :)

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