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Wanna Minecraft Server?

Discussion in 'Other' started by funkystudios, May 28, 2014.

  1. funkystudios

    funkystudios New Member


    I have a quite a bit of gigs left in my dedicated minecraft server hosting service in which my friend and I created a couple months back. We offer ONLY a one time payment service, so there is no need to purchase a subscription and pay a monthly fee. We are currently offering the following:

    • 24 Slots Maximum
    • DDOS Protection
    • 512 - 1024 mbs
    • 24/7
    • 99% Uptime, you will hardly/almost never experience any downtime
    • Lasts for 700 Days (2 years by a single time payment)
    • Numerical Ip (Worded one is free of your choice!)

    You will receive all of this for only a single time payment of $35. And we will accept a counteroffer if necessary. We want you to be satisfied with your buy.

    We currently do not have a website setup, and we probably won't be able to set one up just yet. We will also pursue offering VPS hosting. Our VPS hosting service only costs $5 a month. Yet it has not been fully setup and configured yet.

    We are also recruiting members onto our team in order for us to provide consumers with the cheapest, and the best hosting that they can get. We will need the following people whom could pursue this job.
    • Web Developer​
    • 3 Moderators​

    We are aiming to be a professional team that can provide affordable hosting, and with customized packages.

  2. eldrago132

    eldrago132 New Member

    i would like to buy one.
  3. Metagamer

    Metagamer New Member

    I want to buy one infact if i like it enough ill pay 10$ more than 35$ (over a time

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