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Discussion in 'Documentation' started by Fuzzlr, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. Fuzzlr

    Fuzzlr New Member Staff Member Administrator

    LilyPad is a remarkable system that can help you unlock the potential of your Minecraft community. It allows you to link multiple Bukkit instances together and integrate these instances in a variety of ways. LilyPad consumes a lesser amount of server resources than most Minecraft cloud systems, allowing you to greatly escalate your player capacity and save money on hardware. In addition, LilyPad is free and under an open source license (GPLv3), with a budding community of developers that will help you enhance your server with a plethora of cloud features.

    Since LilyPad is completely free to use and modify, the possibilities are boundless. You can pick and choose from an assortment of LilyPad plugins we’ve already arranged for you, or you can delve into the developer community to discover even more useful LilyPad additions. We’ve documented the whole shebang so that both developers and server owners alike will find LilyPad simple to adjust and configure.

    Get started today and you’ll see why LilyPad is the best cloud system for your server!


    You can find documentation throughout this forum on LilyPad, from technical to basic usage.
  2. Malo

    Malo New Member

  3. Favorlock

    Favorlock New Member

    Eh... shouldn't you have waited until you actually have something that isn't vaporware to post this?
  4. Bas

    Bas New Member

  5. LaxWasHere

    LaxWasHere New Member

    Chicken nuggets.
  6. Edy

    Edy New Member

  7. Maarten

    Maarten New Member

  8. J2DOLAR

    J2DOLAR New Member

  9. AdamJonesay

    AdamJonesay New Member

  10. Coelho

    Coelho Software Engineer Staff Member Administrator Maintainer

    Further documentation to help with the use of the software will be posted soon.
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  11. gabizou

    gabizou New Member

    Quick question, (not to be a forum troll or anything or start a flame war), but how does one use Lilypad to connect to a vanilla server and a Forge server since the Bukkit-Connect requires plugins to load?
  12. AdamJonesay

    AdamJonesay New Member

    LilyPad does not currently support vanilla and/or forge servers. Once forge support is added you may be able to use BukkitForge or ForceBukkit or whatever it's called now. If/When forge support is added I assume Coelho will add documentation for it.
  13. Coelho

    Coelho Software Engineer Staff Member Administrator Maintainer

    Yes, at the moment we don't support the forge protocol (but will soon!). Along with Vanilla, there are some hackish things you can do to get LilyPad running on vanilla, but it's fairly pointless in the first place as you won't have plugins and won't be able to redirect people.

    However, if you want to run LilyPad on a different server mod than Bukkit, you always have the option to port Bukkit-Connect, or submit a feature request so I can port it :)
  14. xDiP

    xDiP New Member

    Coelho, how much RAM and CPU are using per 1 player?
  15. boboman13

    boboman13 Member Contributor

    I use 256MB and I can handle 50 players easy - but I think it can handle a LOT more players.
  16. xDiP

    xDiP New Member

    can you make a screenshot JavaVM?
  17. boboman13

    boboman13 Member Contributor

    I'm not that skilled with CentOS Linux - how could I do that? :p
  18. xDiP

    xDiP New Member

    JAVA_OPTS="-Djava.awt.headless=true -Xms1024m -Xmx1024m \
    -Dcom.sun.management.jmxremote \
    -Dcom.sun.management.jmxremote.port=8086 \
    -Dcom.sun.management.jmxremote.ssl=false \
  19. boboman13

    boboman13 Member Contributor

    xDiP I only have SSH access.
  20. HTML5MPH

    HTML5MPH New Member

    Herro Fuzzlr! I play your server, and Im an exclusive. Well anyways I dont get how to setup AllInOne, it doesn't work... I cant find out what is wrong... But other wise I know what im doing! (Besides the fact that AllInOne is like the main thing...)

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