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Discussion in 'Documentation' started by Fuzzlr, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. Divomaster

    Divomaster New Member

    Watch this video by Coelho. It should help you to resolve your problem :)
  2. AdventuresCraft

    AdventuresCraft New Member

    how to use LilyPad on OnLineMode:False ?
  3. Matt

    Matt Forum Moderator & Contributor Staff Member Moderator Contributor

    Just put the Onlinemode to false on the hub server settings. And on the other servers
  4. AdventuresCraft

    AdventuresCraft New Member

    Of course, I've done it but i cant join my server "Failed to login : Bad login"
  5. sgtcaze

    sgtcaze Member Resource Contributor

    In the LilyPad "allinone.conf" change "authenticate" from true, to "false". That should allow you to login with offline accounts AdventuresCraft.
  6. AdventuresCraft

    AdventuresCraft New Member

    what plugin in mc.levelupmc.com , plugin /server Hub: [Number of players online]
  7. sgtcaze

    sgtcaze Member Resource Contributor

    Just use LilyEssentials for that. You can do /glist, and see how many servers you have, along with their player counts.
  8. AdventuresCraft

    AdventuresCraft New Member

    how add Head Zombie in LilyCompass ?
    I did :
    This is all wrong
  9. sgtcaze

    sgtcaze Member Resource Contributor

    I'm working on better item recognition in a future release. I've been preoccupied with lots of things in real life. Please post in the LilyPadCompass discussion for suggestions.

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