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Why is Lily pad not the go to software for connecting MC servers?

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by RoklGames, Dec 13, 2014.

  1. RoklGames

    RoklGames New Member

    I have been using lilypad as an alternative to bungeecord for quite some time. I even used lilypad when it was still running off of java .jar executables. I think that lilypad is much safer and more secure than bungeecord. Now what i want to know is why is lilypad not the go to proxy software for minecraft servers?

    (I'm posting this in hopes to see if the community is still active, and to see who's listening)
  2. The_Zip

    The_Zip Active Member Resource Contributor

    Your reason for posting this is one reason for it. The community over here is quite inactive, partially because it is just a proxy server. On Spigot the forums are majority filled with talk about Spigot, rarely do you see anything related to bungee cord.

    Other reasons are personal preference, reliability, resources, and the knowledge itself. Regarding personal preference, a good explanation for this is SgtCaze's pros and cons video . Reliability, no one has any doubt that md_5 and the Spigot will stop developing and stop making the community grow. You can also get instant answers due to the large community over there. The spigot community also has many more resources, plugins, and new ones being developed all the time. LilyPad is also a little more confusing to set up, due to lack of documentation. We have some, though hard to navigate and not constantly updated. Spigot has a HUGE wiki, which is having edits made to it daily. Also, plainly LilyPad is extremely less known.
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  3. RoklGames

    RoklGames New Member

    Well thanks for telling me that, I wish it were more active. I am probably going to stick around due to the fact that I switched from Bungeecord to Lilypad, which i will never regret.
  4. e_n_d_b_o_s_s

    e_n_d_b_o_s_s New Member

    In a nutshell...

    Cons to LilyPad:

    - Not as many resources
    - Can't run on Multicraft (80% of the servers out there run Multicraft to manage there server)
    - Isn't a jar (Go is truly a faster language, but Jars are something people have worked with since the beginning of bukkit)
    - Needs 2 servers just for the proxy, therefore you will need a larger VPS than a server being setup with Bungeecord, only need 1 server for the proxy.

    - Very secure
    - Runs on go
    - HIGHLY customizable in the proxy
    - Decent amount of resources/plugins
    - Highly maintained by @Coelho
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  5. Superfuzzy

    Superfuzzy Member

    Pros to add:
    - Servermessages dont get sent with Players. Bungeecord caused a lot of problems for me there.
    - lilypad gets improved more and more while bungeecord is a running system which not often gets new features
    - lilypad has a better api, while bungeecord always gets a little messy
    - if you read all documentation in this forum here, it is easier to set up than bungeecord
    - every person i told of lilypad switched to lilypad soon after

    Cons to add:
    - Many Gameserverhosts dont support Lilypad :(
    - not many videos to installation / problems of lilyad due to smaller community
    - bungeecord is perfectly compatible with spigot because both are getting developed by the same team, while lilypad has always some little bugs at first (but these bugs are fixed pretty fast thanks to @Coelho)
    - bunggecord suports proxyside plugin, lilypad doesnt. (Although Lilyads API can do a lot of the stuff you would need a bungeecord proxyplugin for)
    - Both, bungeecord and lilypad proxy lack on errorlogs (theres often no need for but when the proxy crashes youoften dont know why)

    I'm not that deep into how bungeecord and lilypad work exactly, so if sth i said there is wrong, please tell me
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