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1.8 Clients getting kicked

Discussion in 'Support' started by NeedHelpe, Feb 16, 2015.

  1. NeedHelpe

    NeedHelpe New Member

    1.7 clients aren't crashing on my server, but all 1.8 clients get disconnected every 15 minutes or so with this error:

    I host my Go Server-Connect on a crappy vps. My proxy is on a dedicated server.
    I'm running
    Connect latest version
    Proxy #118

    Any help?
  2. NeedHelpe

    NeedHelpe New Member

    I am also running two proxies.
    1 is running
    and the other is running
    proxy-linux-386 but should be running amd64.
    Could that be an issue?
  3. Tzeentchful

    Tzeentchful Member Contributor

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