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LilyChat 1.1

ChatManager plugin with support prefixes and suffixes for LilyPad

  1. Jeremy

    Jeremy New Member

    Jeremy submitted a new resource:

    LilyChat - ChatManager plugin with support prefixes and suffixes

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  2. Yive

    Yive New Member

    Is it possible to have cross server constantly enabled without doing the special characters in front of the message?
  3. Jeremy

    Jeremy New Member

  4. Jeremy

    Jeremy New Member

    I have added it for you. Simply give permission chatmanager.override.global to player or group which must use this function. Messages with this function will use default message-format.
  5. Chamunks

    Chamunks New Member

    Is there any chance of seeing a git repository of this source code? Also I'm asking around if Tehkod3 would have any qualms with deravitives since he didn't include a license. I doubt that he will have any issues with it. That said I would also like to offer you a slot on my build server at ci.nixium.com so you can have dev builds be available for your users.
  6. Jeremy

    Jeremy New Member

    Hey, thanks for you attention! Yes, I can post source code into the git. About license, what problems could be? Author has stopped developing this plugin about year ago and source code is available. If product is open source without any license then it mean "Use it for your product which is free, but not for commercial use".

    About build server, I am not plan to add more features without people request, becase I use it on my server and it does all features what I need. But I think that people will request some features then build server will be good idea.
  7. Chamunks

    Chamunks New Member

    I asked ZML the guy who carried on the PermissionsEx suite that the project is free to fork and has a GPL license. So I'm sure it doesn't matter at this point and sounds like you will have any problems.

    That said I'm having issues on a cluster it's not getting cross network messages. Even with the nodes the lily proxy plugin and connect being the latest.
  8. Chamunks

    Chamunks New Member

    Also I would like Cross Server Ranged Chat as well please that would be brilliant. Of course first things first I need to make this thing work...
  9. Jeremy

    Jeremy New Member

    Do you use 1.8 I haven't tested on it? I also use last proxy and connect build and it works for me.

    Cross Server Ranged Chat - You mean to add ability to send message for special servers?
  10. Chamunks

    Chamunks New Member

    1.8 we're using the latest build of spigot 1659 pre patcher. We're not using any of the DMCA workaround patches which are genius by the way.

    Yes it would be brilliant to bring the ability to do ranged chat with cross server compatibility since at that point I could have multiple clones of the same map that people could talk over.
    This would likely need to be async though since it would likely get pretty messy pretty quickly. Idk its a request that I would definitely have.

    Speaking to ZML the guy who took over the PEX suite he mentioned that ChatManager is a bit out of date/unmaintained so things might need some tweaking.

    Pm. me for contact details this isn't really a discussion that needs to happen via a forum.

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