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Nested LilyPad Proxies

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by JFischer00, Apr 6, 2015.

  1. JFischer00

    JFischer00 New Member

    Ok, so I have been told that LilyPad can do what I need, but I want to be sure. I need a main proxy on one computer with three "servers" connected to it, one Minecraft server and two more proxies, each on their own computer with their own separate Minecraft servers. In other words, I need a main hub proxy and two sub-hub proxies. Can LilyPad do this? I know BungeeCord can't and if LilyPad can, I will most certainly use it.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. JFischer00

    JFischer00 New Member

    Does anyone actually read posts on here? At least with BungeeCord, I could get answers in a matter of minutes...
  3. The_Zip

    The_Zip Active Member Resource Contributor

    Slightly confused by what you want, though from what I believe it is possible.

    To clarify, technically you could run as many LilyPad proxies, and as many LilyPad minecraft servers, on as many different servers/computers as you want.

    Does this make sense? Do you have any more questions?
  4. JFischer00

    JFischer00 New Member

    I basically want two sub-hubs because neither me or my friend want to port-forward every server that we are hosting, which would be required with one proxy.
  5. JFischer00

    JFischer00 New Member

    This is the kind of setup I want (sorry about the spacing ;))

    Hub Lilypad
    | |
    Hub Server Minigames Lilypad
    | |
    Minigame1 Server Minigame2 Server
    ----------------------- -----------------------
    | | | |
    World 1 World 2 World 1 World 2

    Only difference being I would actually have two sub-hubs then servers underneath them. The Hub Server would be the default server on the main proxy and each sub-hub would have a default hub server as well.
  6. flamin_scotsman

    flamin_scotsman New Member

    Lilypad proxies aren't actually capable of being nested (neither is bungecord either before you ask) - they don't contain the code needed to register themselves with the connect server as a 'minecraft server'.

    As for what you are asking (correct me if I've got the wrong end of the stick); you want a hub server that players joining your network arrive on by default, along with sub-networks as the redirect targets, one of which is minigames?

    Apart from the hassle of initially setting up the port forwards, are there any major drawbacks for just using the conventional way of doing things?

  7. JFischer00

    JFischer00 New Member

    Well that was just an example, but basically I want two lilypad/bungeecord proxies on separate computers/IPs/LANs and one lilypad/bungeecord proxy for players to connect to, then using portals/signs/commands move to one of the two proxies, which will each have some activity servers on them. I want to connect to bungeecord/lilypad networks on two different computers!

    By the way, I have tried with the BungeeCord people and they referred me here.

    So, basically, what I've learned from all this is that the only option I have is to bungeecord/lilypad two servers, each with multiple worlds for activities. This idea has become much more complicated than it ever needed to be.
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2015
  8. flamin_scotsman

    flamin_scotsman New Member

    I mean, you might be able to add into the proxy to allow it to register as a server to a separate connect instance to that it registers to as a proxy, and theoretically it isn't too hard (all the code is there), but you just open a whole world of hurt -

    Take a simple /hub plugin - to have your sub-servers to work underneath your sub-proxies, they'll need to register as servers with the connect server which sees the proxy as a proxy - but then you loose the lilypad messaging channel to the 'parent' connect instance to let you redirect players back to the main hub! You can work round this by having a secondary system - zmq, redis etc - to pass messages 'up', but you're adding another layer of complexity to your network.

    - flamin
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  9. JFischer00

    JFischer00 New Member

    So I really should just use my fallback plan if I don't want to pretty much do a partial rewrite of Lilypad or BungeeCord and have a very complicated workaround, right? I'm not really opposed to either of the complicated options, except that I kind of hoped to open this network by the end of the month, and beside, my friend is nowhere near as technologically advanced as I am and wouldn't understand this at all. However, if someone was willing to help me;), I may consider the rewrite idea, maybe as a side project to eventually be added into my network.

    This whole ordeal has been really frustrating, although it seems pretty simple. What do huge servers use? I'm pretty sure they have sub-hubs of some kind. Well, thanks anyway! I have really been hoping that this was possible. I guess not, at least not any convenient, or even slightly inconvenient, way.
  10. Superfuzzy

    Superfuzzy Member

    I don't know indepth about how LilyPad works but as I read in different Threads, connecting 2 or more proxys with lilypad is possible (you would only have to portforward the proxies not the minecraft servers)
    And as far as I understand you, you want the players first to connect to the main hub, there select another server/hub to join to and so on.
    So afaik this should be possible:

    Main Proxy
    - 1 MinecraftServer "MainHub" with a plugin that can redirect players to other servers ("1st SubHub and 2nd SubHub")

    1st SubProxy
    - 1 MinecraftServer "1st SubHub" with again that pluin to redirect you to the game servers
    - x MinectaftServers as gameservers

    2nd SubProxy
    - 1 MinecraftServer "2nd SubHub" with again that pluin to redirect you to the game servers
    - x MinectaftServers as gameservers

    This should work because afaik connecting these proxies makes them share all connected servers, so you should be able to redirect a player from the MainHub to any other servers (e.g the Sub Hubs) and so on.

    @JFischer00 is that the solution you wanted or did I understnd you wrong

    @flamin_scotsman & @The_Zip
    Is what I said here possible or did I pick up wron bits of Information and this is all not possible?

    I hope I could help
    - superfuzzy
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  11. JFischer00

    JFischer00 New Member

    That is exactly what I wanted, but I still don't know if it's possible.
  12. Superfuzzy

    Superfuzzy Member

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  13. JFischer00

    JFischer00 New Member

    In that post you linked to, they were talking about having a setup where you get automatically put on one of two proxies, for cases when you have lots of players and want to split the load between two proxies. I want sub-proxies. I'll try it anyway though, and see if it works.
  14. Superfuzzy

    Superfuzzy Member

    Should work exactly the same ... you dont want to split due to tooo many players but due to hardware setup
    The reason shoud not matter for the result
  15. The_Zip

    The_Zip Active Member Resource Contributor

    Slightly confused about what the question is @JFischer00 , your one proxy should be able to handle all your players, LilyPad is an extremely light weight plugin.

    You mention these "sub-proxies". I am not familiar with this term, could you possible explain what exactly you are looking for. Do you want multiple sub domains going to different servers. (Example. pvp.test.com goes to a pvp server, while sg.test.com goes to a test server)?? Or are you looking for some load balancing proxy?
  16. flamin_scotsman

    flamin_scotsman New Member

    Going from this post, by subproxy, he's wanting to only open a single port in each firewall by having a 'local' proxy to group together all the servers on that physical machine, but then having a 'global' proxy that players connect to, which then redirects them to the 'local' proxies.

    - flamin
  17. JFischer00

    JFischer00 New Member

    That is exactly what I want. I'm so glad someone understands.

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