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A Working Sign Plugin...

Discussion in 'Requests' started by IvIercenary, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. IvIercenary

    IvIercenary New Member

    I would love to see a Working Sign Plugin.....the 2 that are out there work 10% of the time....and even then they fail pretty hard.....i would love to see one that actually works across restarts and shows the name of the server via "server-name=" in server.properties, shows Online/Offline, shows %on/%max or Full, and possibly the MOTD

    Also when you click it either, right or left, it takes you to that server.
  2. Matt

    Matt Forum Moderator & Contributor Staff Member Moderator Contributor

  3. The_Zip

    The_Zip Active Member Resource Contributor

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  4. IvIercenary

    IvIercenary New Member

  5. purefocus

    purefocus New Member

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